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The Inevitability Of Conflict: Advanced Skills for Managing Client and Team Problems

Neither party wants to leave the house. They are stuck in their fixed positions and won’t budge. Team members are in conflict with each other, or struggling with one or both clients. We hear these issues reported by our collaborative colleagues, all over the world, and we know these conflicts have the potential to de-rail the collaborative process.

Since we know that conflict is inevitable, we all need a variety of approaches and skills to navigate through the rough waters when they arise.

Having a strong, functional, well-integrated team is one strategy that contributes to the successful resolution of such conflicts. Whether the team is made up of lawyers only or when other professionals are part of the team, creating team norms and strategies for having difficult conversations is basic to success.

In this daylong workshop we focus on some of the challenges that most professionals encounter in their collaborative work together. Working in interdisciplinary teams, attendees will use common problems, between clients, between team members, and practice strategies to tackle and resolve them.

Several approaches to conflict intervention are taught, including a 9-Step Innovative Problem-Solving Model that helps clients move from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ by generating options for resolution. ‘Real’ meetings are demonstrated by showing video episodes from the Collaborative Divorce Video Training Series.


  • Identify steps, attitudes and behaviors to develop rapport with clients
  • Learn specific steps to deepen team meetings prior to each new case
  • Identify common team problems
  • Learn skills to address problems between clients and within the team
  • Provide specific interventions and skills to resolve conflict