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Collaborative Law Practice and Procedures: Fair and equitable outcomes in a safe and non-litigious environment, 2014

Cathy Heenan, Ed.D. contributing author, Chapter 5: “The Coach’s First Meeting With Individual Clients”

Published by: Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education

Divorce: The Stereotyping of Men and Women

by Rita Pollak

Are men and women stereotyped in divorce? And, how does it hurt them and their children? Rita Pollak is collaborative attorney who was kind enough to contribute this guest blog on stereotypes in divorce. It should be required reading for attorneys and the lay public alike.

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Preparing, Designing and Leading Workshops: A Humanistic Approach

by Susan Cooper and Cathy Heenan

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“This is one of the best books availble on designing and implementing a dynamic workshop. I have used this book since the 80’s and even though I have read others I still come back to this one for solid information about the basics for creating presentations. It is easy to read, easy to implement and I have success utilizing their suggestions. I am glad it is still around.”

Patricia Thatcher


WHOSE WEDDING IS IT, ANYWAY? Preparing Yourself Emotionally for Your Child’s Wedding

by Cathy Heenan

When your child decides to marry, the news can evoke many complicated feelings. There is the excitement and relief that your young adult has found a life partner. There can also be feelings of loss, and concerns about being replaced, forgotten, orno longer needed. When a child chooses a life partner, it is another statement of separateness from you, the parent.

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How to Evaluate Your Options When Contemplating a Divorce

by Rita Pollak

Are you getting divorced? Was it your decision, made after a lot of soul-searching, perhaps some counseling and many sleepless nights? Or was the decision made for you by your spouse? Did it come unexpectedly or after much mutual unhappiness, some counseling and many sleepless nights?

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