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“I thoroughly enjoyed the pre-conference forum. Thanks to your program, my faith in the collaborative process is renewed. Also your program helped me realize that I need to commit to working with my team, being willing to share my frustrations, perspective, etc. because there is a mutual resolution which can be achieved which accommodates my “let’s hurry up and get this done” with the clients’ pace of the process. I need to give up control and be more willing to let the clients dictate the pace, while at the same time, voicing concern if I perceive that someone is using the process to his or her own ends, rather than mutual benefit.”

Attorney, IACP Pre-Forum Institute

“You felt exactly what the group needed at specific moments and the practice examples made what you were teaching easy to understand. You clearly demonstrated the role of each professional and how a whole team works best for the clients.”

Attorney, the Netherlands

“Since 2009, Rita and Cathy have provided a 3-day basic training for the Collaborative Divorce Holland Association and provided more professional and useful material each training. The material provides an overview of a divorce case, in which the most important meetings are included. Most useful in our eyes was the fact that the team worked on problems that many divorcing couples face. Even though the DVDs are made in the United States, the problems are universal, so we can easily use the DVDs in the Netherlands as well. We also specifically liked the challenging meeting-episode and the innovative problem-solving model-episode. We feel that these scenes provide hands-on tools for our members.”

Lawyer, the Netherlands

“I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the exceptional training experience you created for us in Chicago. You both were so warm, gracious, diplomatic and professional. It is no wonder why groups around the globe have asked you to train them. I have to second the request for the two of you to relocate to Chicago We will just have to settle for spending time with you “virtually” while we watch your wonderful training videos over and over again! Thank you again for your time, energy and professionalism.”

Psychologist, Board member, Chicago

“I wanted to thank you both for the very enjoyable training in Chicago. Your synergy and collaborative process as trainers was a pleasure to witness and partake in. You really practiced your teachings ‘in vivo’ which made the moment that much more meaningful for me. Heart felt thanks for making the process virtually real, dynamic and engaging.”

Clinical Social Worker, Sasha von Varga. Chicago

“Really appreciate the care that went into the program. Exceeded expectations by a wide margin.”

Attorney 30 years

“Exciting to address very difficult changes in a healthy way.”

Attorney 5 years

“Rita and Cathy are excellent role models for this growing practice of law. Very knowledgeable, great communicators, generous with their knowledge.”

Attorneys 16 years

“You are the best educator and clearest communicator I have ever had the pleasure of observing.”

Psychologist 30 years

“Wonderful speaker, extremely effective. Convinced me completely of the need for a coach and the real value of this 5th person at the table.”

Attorney 19 years


“The overall presentation was superb and created a paradigm shift in my thinking.”

Attorney 15 years


“Amazing at facilitating and coaching”…tremendous insights and approaches to the most challenging human behaviors…life changing.”

Attorney 10 years

“Insightful, read the audience well, adaptable, just plain interesting.”

Financial advisor 6 years