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A Step-by-Step Approach to Conflict Resolution

This 3-day interdisciplinary basic training will take you step-by-step through a collaborative case, from the first consultation with a prospective client to a satisfactory resolution. The curriculum is practical and interactive, with a “teach-demonstrate-practice” approach.

Beginning on day 1, we address the foundational elements, philosophy and concepts of collaborative practice and integrate the theoretical to the practical, from the “learning” to the “doing”.

At the end of the training, each professional will have a good grasp of his own role in the collaborative process, as well as the roles of all the other professionals on the interdisciplinary team. Attendees will learn how the various professions complement and support each other for the benefit of the clients.

You will also see dynamic videos of how the work is really done, using real professionals, working with ‘real’ clients, dealing with familiar issues. Throughout the training, opportunities to practice and get immediate feedback are built into the curriculum.

The program is designed for all professionals interested in collaborative resolution including financial specialists, lawyers and mental health providers.


  • Identify the elements of collaborative practice
  • Understand the paradigm shift and learn the language of collaborative practice
  • Have a road map/over-view of the entire process
  • Learn the interdisciplinary team model (roles, boundaries, ethics, challenges)
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Learn specific preventions and interventions for managing impasse
  • Increase professional self-awareness
  • Practice integrating concepts into practical application