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The Art of Mediation: Deepening Skills

One of the mediator’s most powerful tools is thoughtful, attentive listening to what the clients are telling you, as well as to what they might be minimizing or leaving out.

Our trainings offer an in-depth approach for you to become more acutely aware of communication styles so that you will be a more effective listener, able to discern the client’s deeper interests. You will become more adept at getting layers of relevant information, at using your neutrality to move the negotiations along and at helping clients articulate their “real interests” to reach a durable resolution.


  • Learn a listening model to quickly establish rapport
  • Learn to recognize different communication styles, including your own
  • Learn how to respond effectively to various communication styles, while maintaining neutrality
  • Learn how to help clients express themselves so that they will be “heard”
  • Learn how to help clients differentiate “wants” from “interests” in a negotiation, while maintaining neutrality