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How To Talk To a Prospective Client About Collaborative Practice

Increase Confidence and Competence

Wondering how to talk with a prospective client about collaborative practice? Want to know how to increase your chances of being chosen as the attorney, coach, financial neutral and how to have more collaborative cases?

This workshop will increase your understanding of how to describe all process options and how to highlight the benefits of collaborative law practice. You will learn the value of listening before ‘telling’, how to explain other divorce options even when your client comes in asking specifically for mediation or litigation. In this highly interactive training you will see ‘live’ demonstrations of an initial client contact, view a video and have ample time for questions and practice.


  • Learn specific techniques to build rapport
  • Learn how to segue from all divorce options to collaborative practice
  • Learn how to succinctly describe the unique elements of collaborative practice
  • Learn how to respond to challenging questions