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There is a path forward

Individual Counseling

For many, seeking professional help can feel daunting.

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Couples Counseling

It is inevitable that a marriage or relationship will face challenging times.

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Adult Children and Parents

There are often unresolved conflicts between adult children and parents.

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Parenting Advisor

Two areas in which we have not received training is being married and being a parent.

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Divorce Coaching

Divorce can create so much uncertainty which can feel extremely scary and painful.

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Personal and Professional Coaching

You may find yourself struggling in an important personal relationship and do not know how to talk about what is bothering you.

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“I have worked with Cathy for over twenty years. Her wisdom, extensive training and life experiences make her uniquely qualified to help with a range of issues. She has provided a variety of services including coaching, psychotherapy, EMDR and others to assist with parenting, couples counseling, career advancement and past traumatic experiences. I am confident that my family situation, marriage, health and work/life balance have all improved dramatically as a result of my work with Cathy. She is focused and supportive and also direct and honest. Over the past several years, I have come to appreciate Cathy’s professionalism, flexibility and vast knowledge and tools that she offers while delivering her services.”


“Cathy has, above all, helped me learn to sit with anxiety and go towards, rather than away from, the things that scare me. She’s done this with deep compassion and also with an openness to whatever therapy will be most effective in the moment: traditional psychotherapy, a cognitive-behavioral approach, or even meditation.

I think of her as a guide or teacher, as well as a therapist, and her influence on my life has been incalculable.”


“Cathy is the most talented therapist I have ever met and I attribute our positive, respectful, divorce process to her. Cathy guided us through the sadness, anger and pain of divorce and helped us to find our way to an appropriate, fair and respectful agreement. She listens in the deepest way, assimilating the information, the story, the players, the injustices, and then she guides one up and out; finding a way out of the past and into a future for both people.

She is the brightest and clearest person I have had the good fortune to hire. I am deeply grateful that she guided me to a new life of clarity, strength, independence and dignity.”

– JN