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Talk To Your Client So Your Client Will Listen: Listen So Your Client Will Talk

We know that our clients are very anxious when they come to us for advice, whether it be legal or financial or about their emotional well-being. If you begin to give advice before they are ready to receive it, you might be responding to the most superficial expression of their needs, fears and concerns.

If you have the skills and patience to dig deeper, to ask more probing questions, you will help your clients reveal the complexities of their story. This will enable you to uncover their real needs, interests and concerns.

Once clients are ready to hear some information and advice, they will still probably take in only about 25% of what you tell them. Therefore, every time you meet, evaluate their ability to assimilate, understand and use what you are telling them so that you can assess what else they might need.

Clients’ interests are better served when you can help them articulate what really matters to them so that, no matter your profession, you can help get their needs met, given the resources available.

When you establish a genuine rapport and actively listen to your clients, you have a much better chance of helping them secure a satisfying outcome.


  • Learn the skills of intentional listening
  • Learn how to help clients identify and articulate their interests, needs, hopes and concerns
  • Learn to establish a trusting, working partnership with your clients