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Strengthening the Interdisciplinary Team

Deepening Skills to Advance Collaborative Work

Working as part of the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team can be both enormously satisfying, and at times, frustrating and challenging. Clarifying the role of each professional and developing a common language for working together is essential for professionals on the Team, as well as for our clients. Knowing how to work as a team, and actually ‘walk the talk’ in real time, requires the desire and capacity to have a deeper conversation with colleagues.

By understanding and valuing the concept of shared leadership, collaborative work can be brought to another level and will help ensure a successful outcome for both professionals and clients. We know that sharing responsibility for both the well-being of your client, and the resolution of the conflict can, on occasion, be a barrier to effective Team practice.

This workshop will focus on skills to deepen your connection to collaborative colleagues, prepare you for positive and difficult conversations, and help create Team norms. Trainers will provide demonstrations, show videos and provide ample time for practice and feed back.


  • Understand the contribution of each professional
  • Learn specific skills to strengthen the team
  • Learn the value and process of’ ‘shared leadership’
  • Learn skills for addressing difficult issues with colleagues and clients
  • Increase professional effectiveness through self-awareness