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Talking A Different Talk: Understanding Different Processing Styles

Sometimes we observe behaviors that we assume are non-collaborative, while they really may be different communication styles.

Some of us are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners; we are monochronic or polychronic in the way we process information. These different communication styles may be complementary or the seeds for conflict.

Through practice, you will identify your primary learning and processing style, identify what causes you ‘trouble’ when communicating with others, and learn practical interventions to advance communication.

We will use excerpts from the DVD series Collaborative Practice ‘In Action’ to identity and discuss the impact of different styles of communication on the negotiation process.


  • Learn to identify your own and others’ learning and processing style
  • Learn to recognize communication problems based on the different ways clients or colleagues process information
  • Learn how to ‘bridge the gap’ between different styles to reduce conflict
  • Learn interventions to prevent and address misunderstandings